All active A320 Family Airlines

All Airlines that operates or have operated Airbus A320 family. Details shown on  Airbus Hamburg Finkenwerder New

New A320 Cust  = idicates new Customer for the A320 Famaly

NOTE: Parked aircrafts are not considered

All AircraftAirline3 Letter2 LetterNo A/CactiveNew A320 Cust
All acAbu Dhabi Amiri FlightAUHMO1in svc
All acAcropolis Aviation27V1in svc
All acAegean AirlinesAEEA351in svc
All acAer LingusEINEI40in svc
All acAer Lingus UKEUKEG1in svc
All acAero ContractorsNIGNG2in svc
All acAero KEOK1in svc
All acAero MongoliaMNGM01in svc
All acAero NomadANK1in svc
All acAeroflotAFLSU98in svc
All acAfriqiyah AirwaysAAW8U5in svc
All acAir AlbaniaABN2in svc
All acAir ArabiaABYG942in svc
All acAir Arabia Abu DhabiADY3L2in svc
All acAir Arabia EgyptRBGE54in svc
All acAir Arabia MarocMAC3O10in svc
All acAir AstanaKZRKC18in svc
All acAir BusanABLBX26in svc
All acAir CairoMSCSM9in svc
All acAir Caledonie International (Aircalin)ACISB1in svc
All acAir CanadaACAAC31in svc
All acAir Canada JetzACA2AC4in svc
All acAir Canada RougeROURV41in svc
All acAir ChinaCCACA197in svc
All acAir CorsicaCCMXK4in svc
All acAir Cote d'IvoireVREHF3in svc
All acAir FranceAFRAF105in svc
All acAir GuilinCGHGT11in svc
All acAir IndiaAICAI76in svc
All acAir MacauAMUNX22in svc
All acAir MaltaAMCKM7in svc
All acAir MoldovaMLD9U5in svc
All acAir New ZealandANZNZ31in svc
All acAir PeaceAPKP42in svc
All acAir SenegalSZNHC5in svc
All acAir SeoulASVRS5in svc
All acAir SerbiaASLJU10in svc
All acAir SeychellesSEYHM2in svc
All acAir SialSIFPF3in svc
All acAir TransatTSCTS17in svc
All acAir Travel (Hongtu Airlines)OTCA616in svc
All acAirAsiaAXMAK97in svc
All acAirAsia IndiaIADI530in svc
All acAirBahnARBUN1in svcNew A320 Cust
All acAirBlueABQPA11in svc
All acAirbusAIB4in svc
All acAirhub AirlinesGJM3in svcNew A320 Cust
All acAlaska AirlinesASAAS44in svc
All acAlbania GovernmentTRK1in svc
All acAll Nipon Airways - ANAANANH37in svc
All acAllegiant AirAAYG4117in svc
All acAlmasria Universal AirlinesLMUUJ2in svc
All acAlpha StarSTT2in svc
All acAmerican AirlinesAALAA442in svc
All acAmerijet InternationalAJTM61in svc
All acAnimawingsAWG1in svc
All acArkia Israeli AirlinesAIZIZ2in svc
All acArmenia GovermentRME1in svc
All acAsiana AirlinesAAROZ20in svc
All acATA Airlines IranTBZI32in svc
All acAtlantic AirwaysFLIRC3in svc
All acAtlantis European AirwaysLURTD3in svc
All acAura AirlinesGWRG61in svc
All acAuroraSHUHZ9in svc
All acAustrian AirlinesAUAOS39in svc
All acAvia Traffic Company (ATC)AVJYK2in svc
All acAviancaAVAAV69in svc
All acAvianca Costa RicaLRCLR10in svc
All acAvianca EcuadorGLG2K6in svc
All acAvianca El SalvadorTAITA13in svc
All acAvion Express MaltaMLHX96in svc
All acAZAL Azerbaijan AirlinesAHYJ211in svc
All acAzores AirlinesRZOS48in svc
All acAzul Linhas AereasAZUAD47in svc
All acBamboo AirwaysBAVQH21in svc
All acBangkok AirwaysBKPPG22in svc
All acBatik AirBTKID36in svc
All acBerniq AirwaysBNL2in svc
All acBH Air (Balkan Holidays)BGH8H3in svc
All acBhutan Airlines (Tashi Air)BTN2in svc
All acBrasilian Air ForceBRS1in svc
All acBritish AirwaysBAWBA131in svc
All acBrussels AirlinesBELSN32in svc
All acBul AirBVLLB3in svc
All acBulgaria AirLZBFB6in svc
All acBulgaria GovernmentBGF1in svc
All acBulgarian Air CharterBUC6in svc
All acBusiness Aviation Asia (BAA)BAA3in svc
All acCambodia AirwaysKMEKR6in svc
All acCanarian AirwaysOEWo0X1in svcNew A320 Cust
All acCapital AirlinesCBJJD65in svc
All acCarpartairKRPV31in svc
All acCathay PacificCPACX5in svc
All acCebu Pacific AirlinesCEB5J40in svc
All acchairGSWGM2in svc
All acCham Wings AirlinesSAW6Q4in svc
All acChengdu AirlinesUEAEU40in svc
All acChina AirlinesCALCI1in svc
All acChina Eastern AirlinesCESMU360in svc
All acChina Express AirlinesHXAG516in svc
All acChina Southern AirlinesCSNCZ304in svc
All acChina West AirCHBPN38in svc
All acChongqing AirlinesCQNOQ29in svc
All acCitilinkCTVQG49in svc
All acCobra JetCOB1in svc
All acColorful Guizhou AirlinesCGZGY6in svc
All acComlux MaltaMLM4in svc
All acCompagnie Africaine d' Aviation (CAA)FPYaBU1All ac
All acCondorCFGDE21in svc
All acCongo AirwaysCGA8Z2in svc
All acCroatia AirlinesCTNOU6in svc
All acCSA (Skyteam)CSAOK2in svc
All acCyprus Airways (Charlie Airlines)CYPCY1in svc
All acCzech Republic Air ForceCEF2in svc
All acDaimler Chrysler Aviation (DC-Aviation)DCS2in svc
All acDanish Air TransportDTRDX3in svc
All acDC Aviation MaltaDCW1in svc
All acDeer JetBDJDF5in svc
All acDefence Research and Development OrganisationDADO1All ac
All acDelta Air LinesDALDL245in svc
All acDLR FlugbetriebLFO1in svc
All acDrukairDRKKB4in svc
All acEast-West ExpressEWU1in svcNew A320 Cust
All acEasyJetEZYU2147in svc
All acEasyJet EuropeEJUEC124in svc
All acEasyJet SwitzerlandEZSDS31in svc
All acEAT LeipzigBCSOY2in svc
All acEdelweiss AirEDWWK10in svc
All acEgyptairMSRMS13in svc
All acEmiratesUAEEK1in svc
All acEtihad AirwaysETDEY28in svc
All acEurowingsEWGEW83in svc
All acEurowings DiscoverOCN4Y3in svc
All acEurowings EuropeEWEE215in svc
All acEva AirwaysEVABR24in svc
All acFinnairFINAY34in svc
All acFitsAirEXV8D1in svc
All acFly Air41 AirwaysBER1in svcNew A320 Cust
All acFly ArubaARUAG3in svc
All acFly ArystanKZR1KC10in svc
All acFLy LiliLIL1in svcNew A320 Cust
All acFly OneFIA5F5in svc
All acFly2SkyVAWF63in svc
All acFlyadealFADF315in svc
All acFlynasKNEXY36in svc
All acFreebird AirlinesFHYFH8in svc
All acFreebird Airlines EuropeFHM2in svc
All acFrontier AirlinesFFTF9111in svc
All acGalistair MaltaGTRGH2in svc
All acGamma AviationGSH1in svc
All acGerman Air Force (GAF)GAF4in svc
All acGetJet AirlinesGJTGW2in svc
All acGlobal Aviation OperationsGBBQG1in svc
All acGlobal Jet LuxembourgSVW6in svc
All acGlobalXGXA3in svcNew A320 Cust
All acGo FirstGOWG859in svc
All acGulf AirGFAGF27in svc
All acGX Airlines (Guangxi Beibu Gulf Air)CBGGX10in svc
All acHawaiian AirlinesHALHA17in svc
All acHeston AirlinesHSTHN1in svcNew A320 Cust
All acHiFly MaltaHFM5M2in svc
All acHimalaya AirlinesHIMH94in svc
All acHiSkyHYS3in svc
All acHoliday EuropeHES5Q1in svc
All acHong Kong AirlinesCRKHX10in svc
All acHong Kong ExpressHKEUO17in svc
All acHong Kong JetHKJ3in svc
All acHyperion AviationHYP2in svc
All acIberiaIBEIB40in svc
All acIberia ExpressIBSI218in svc
All acIberojetEVEI31in svcNew A320 Cust
All acIndigoIGO6E225in svc
All acIndonesia AirAsiaAWQQZ25in svc
All acIrAeroIAEIO1in svcNew A320 Cust
All acIran AirIRAIR4in svc
All acIran AirtoursIRBB91in svc
All acIran Aseman AirlinesIRCEP4in svc
All acIraqi AirwaysIAWIA4in svc
All acIsrairISR6H5in svc
All acITA AirwaysITYAZ47All ac
All acITA Transportes AereosIPM8I6in svcNew A320 Cust
All acItalian Air ForceIAM1in svc
All acJazeera AirwaysJZRJ915in svc
All acJC International AirlinesJCCQD5in svc
All acJet Aviation Business JetsPJSPP1in svc
All acJet2EXSLS3in svc
All acJetBlueJBUB6207in svc
All acJetSMARTJATJA12in svc
All acJetSMART ArgentinaJESWJ4in svc
All acJetstar AirwaysJSTJQ56in svc
All acJetstar AsiaJSA3K14in svc
All acJetstar JapanJJPGK19in svc
All acJoot Aviation ProjectNGN1in svcNew A320 Cust
All acJordan AviationJAVR51in svc
All acJuneyao AirlinesDKHHO80in svc
All acK 5 AviationKAY4in svc
All acKazakhstan GovernmentBEC3in svc
All acKish AirKISY91in svc
All acKuwait AirwaysKACKU15in svc
All acLa CompagnieDJTB02in svc
All acLanmei AirlinesMKRLQ6in svc
All acLao AirlinesLAOQV4in svc
All acLATAM Airlines BrazilTAMJJ120in svc
All acLATAM Airlines ChileLANLA87in svc
All acLATAM Airlines ColombiaARE4C10in svc
All acLATAM Airlines EcuadorLNEXL4in svc
All acLATAM Airlines PeruLPELP9in svc
All acLauda EuropeLDALW29in svc
All acLibyan AirlinesLAALN2in svc
All acLibyan WingsLWAYL4in svc
All acLift AirlineGBB1GE3in svc
All acLily JetMZT1in svc
All acLJ Air (Longjiang Airlines)SNGLT5in svc
All acLoong AirCDCGJ58in svc
All acLucky Airlines (HNA)LKE8L13in svc
All acLufthansaDLHLH179in svc
All acLufthansa CityLineCLHCL8in svc
All acM JetMJF1in svc
All acMaldivianDQAQ22in svc
All acMalta MedAirMMOMM1in svc
All acMasterjetLMJ1in svc
All acMeraj AirlinesMRJJI5in svc
All acMeridian AviaMMM1in svc
All acMiddle East Airlines (MEA)MEAME18in svc
All acMyanmar Airways InternationalMMA8M8in svc
All acMyWingsTDR11in svc
All acNepal AirlinesRNARA2in svc
All acNile AirNIANP7in svc
All acNomad AviationNUM1in svc
All acNordwind AirlinesNWSN412in svc
All acNorth-West Air CompanyNWC0E2in svc
All acNouvelairLBTBJ11in svc
All acNovairNVR1I2in svc
All acOlympus AirwaysOLY1in svc
All acOman Royal FlightORFRS2in svc
All acOnur AirOHY8Q9in svc
All acPAB AirWingsUAP1in svc
All acPacific AirlinesPICBL15in svc
All acPakistan International AirlinesPIAPK10in svc
All acPAL ExpressGAP2P14in svc
All acPeach AirlinesAPJMM32in svc
All acPegasus AirlinesPGTPC64in svc
All acPhilippines AirAsiaAPGZ223in svc
All acPhilippines AirlinesPALPR31in svc
All acPLAAF - People Liberation Army Air ForcePLAAF3in svc
All acPlayFPYOG4in svcNew A320 Cust
All acPrivate WingsPWF1in svc
All acPrivilege StylePVGP61in svc
All acQanot SharqQNT2in svcNew A320 Cust
All acQantas FreightQFAfQF3in svc
All acQantasLink (see Network Aviation)QLKQF11in svc
All acQatar AirwaysQTRQR33in svc
All acQatar Amiri FlightQAF2in svc
All acQeshm AirQSMQB1in svc
All acQingdao AirlinesQDAQW30in svc
All acRed Wings AirlinesRWZWZ13in svc
All acRossiya - Russian AirlinesSDMFV28in svc
All acRotana Jet AviationRJDRG1in svc
All acRoyal Air Force of OmanMJN3in svc
All acRoyal Air PhilippinesRYLRW4in svc
All acRoyal Brunei AirlinesRBABI9in svc
All acRoyal Jordanian AirlinesRJARJ13in svc
All acRoyal Thai Air ForceR1T3in svc
All acRussia Special DetachmentRSD2in svc
All acS7 Siberia AirlinesSBIS766in svc
All acSalam AirOMSOV7in svc
All acSASSASSK61in svc
All acSAS IrelandSZSSL9in svc
All acSaudi Arabian AirlinesSVASV63in svc
All acScootTGWTR34in svc
All acSenegal GovermentSG12in svc
All acSharjah Rulers FlightSHJ2in svc
All acShenzhen AirlinesCSZZH106in svc
All acSichuan AirlinesCSC3U156in svc
All acSky AirlineSKUH227in svc
All acSky Angkor AirlinesSWMZA1in svc
All acSky CanaSNARD2in svcNew A320 Cust
All acSky ExpressSEHGQ6in svc
All acSky PrimeSPD3in svc
All acSkytradersSND3in svc
All acSlovak Government Flying ServiceSSG2in svc
All acSmartaviaAUL5N3in svcNew A320 Cust
All acSmartLynx AirlinesART6Y6in svc
All acSmartLynx EstoniaMYX3in svc
All acSmartLynx MaltaLYX2N7in svc
All acSolomon AirlinesSOLIE1in svc
All acSouth African AirwaysSAASA5in svc
All acSpirit AirlinesNKSNK170in svc
All acSpring AirlinesCQH9C111in svc
All acSriLankan AirlinesALKUL12in svc
All acStarflyerSFJ7G10in svc
All acStarlux AirlinesSJXJX5in svc
All acSu Airlines52J1
All acSudan AirwaysSUDSD1in svc
All acSunclass AirlinesVKGDK8in svc
All acSundairSDRSR8in svc
All acSunrise AirwaysKSZS61in svc
All acSuper Air JetSJVIU8in svcNew A320 Cust
All acSurinam AirwaysSLMPY1in svc
All acSwissSWRSR27in svc
All acSyrian Arab AirlinesSYRRB2in svc
All acSystem Capital Management (SCM)SCM1in svc
All acTAG Aviation AsiaTBJ1in svc
All acTAP - Portugal AirlinesTAPTP57in svc
All acTaromROTRO4in svc
All acThai AirAsiaAIQFD57in svc
All acThai SmileTHDWE20in svc
All acThai Vietjet AirTVJVZ16in svc
All acTianjin AirlinesGCRGS37in svc
All acTibet AirlinesTBATV34in svc
All acTigerair TaiwanTTWIT13in svc
All acTitan AirwaysAWCZT4in svc
All acTitan Airways MaltaTMT2in svcNew A320 Cust
All acTrade AirTDRC32in svc
All acTunisairTARTU16in svc
All acTurkey GovernmentHVK2in svc
All acTurkish AirlinesTHYTK114in svc
All acTUS AirwaysCYFU81in svc
All acUkraine Air EnterpriseUKN1in svc
All acUNI AirwaysUIAB72in svc
All acUnited AirlinesUALUA180in svc
All acUnited Nations Humanitarian Air ServiceUNO1in svc
All acUR AirlinesUBDUD1in svc
All acUral AirlinesSVRU652in svc
All acUzbekistan AirlinesUZBHY11in svc
All acUzbekistan ExpressUZB1HY3in svcNew A320 Cust
All acVietjet AirVJCVJ73in svc
All acVietnam AirlinesHVNVN65in svc
All acVietravel AirlinesVAGVU3in svc
All acVirgin Australia AirlinesVOZVA5in svc
All acVistaraVTIUK43in svc
All acViva Air ColombiaVVCVH17in svc
All acViva Air PeruVPEVV3in svc
All acVivaAerobusVIVVB50in svc
All acVolarisVOIY496in svc
All acVolaris Costa RicaVOCQ63in svc
All acVolaris El SalvadorVOSN31in svc
All acVolotea AirlinesVOEV735in svc
All acVuelingVLGVY122in svc
All acWind Rose AirlinesWRC7W5in svc
All acWIZZ AirWZZW6127in svc
All acWIZZ Air Abu DhabiWAZ5W4in svc
All acWizz Air UKWUKW914in svc
All acYamal AirlinesLLMYC10in svc
All acYemenia AirlinesIYEIY4in svc
All acZagros AirlinesIZGZV3in svc