Welcome to Airbus Finkenwerder News, this side is in relation to https://xfw-spotter.blogspot.com/ and gives additional information about all applicable or historical Airlines and also the applicable MSN status of the A320 Family  and A380.

New Airlines or special liveries

XFW - A21N China Airlines © Gerd Beilfuss
A20N Viva Air pink - © Eurospot - TLS
Azul - Wald Diseny World © Eurospot - TLS
1st A21N Luftwaffe - XFW
A321N Qingdao Airlines - XFW
A321 Neo - Azul
A321 Neo - Starlux
A321 Neo - Azul - Walt Disney Minnie Mouse
A321 Neo Uzbekistan
A320 Neo - World Disney "Donald Duck © Eurospot